Tuesday, June 29, 2010

great deals

i am out of space for storing some of my old pieces.
i marked down some pieces on etsy
i need these to go quickly!
the hazel coat was $215 is now $60
the caroline $40
dalila $20
i have limited sizes and colors.
i also have dresses and skirts for $40 if you want to email me i will send images.
please pass along these deals to all your friends.
thank you!

Friday, June 25, 2010

long beach this sunday

it's friday already, time is just flying by. next week is july, i've been in the house more than a month now and still have so much to do including taking pictures which i sadly fail at. how hard can it be to just point a digital camera at something and take the shot, for me that hard. lighting, composition and more do not come together, it is a good thing i am a fiber artist and not a photographer.
anyway this post was to be about sunday's show in long beach and to remind all of you to come see me and bring your friends and friends of friends.
here is the link

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

getting caught up

i have been so bad at getting caught up on everything since moving. the new house is great but i still have things at the old place and am overwhelmed with trying to make the home and business one again.
it is slowly coming together. the goal is to get storage closets built outside for the inventory and start doing home events again.
i am still sorting through lots of old inventory and making new things.
i found myself to be wearing the kendall tunic a lot so i remade new ones from different fabrics. i'll attach the style here and get some images up of the new colors.
i am also trying to get things together for my next shows. patchwork in long beach is the first on the list, june 27th then in july i will be heading to seattle. that should be great. i'll get that info up soon.
i also am sending some things to grand rapids and then off to charlottesville,va. for a show at the "garage" the last weekend in june with my niece erika jane.