Monday, March 29, 2010


spring is always a good time for a new start. it's too bad that i always need to be kicked in the ass to get myself to make these changes and embrace these new beginnings. i spent the weekend looking at possible rentals and sorting through a few things. the later is an interesting task when you have lived in one place for almost 32 years. the former wasn't much fun either knowing that it will only be temporary, maybe a year, maybe 2. it will also be time to bring the business back home. which brings me to the fact that if anyone out there wants to shop at the rebe storefront you need to do it soon! i can be reached by phone, 818 884 7323 or email, to set a time to come in. i have some great new spring dresses along with some beautiful new matilde sacs and passport wallets.

Friday, March 26, 2010


it is such a strange feeling to not know where you are going to live next. i know most people have experienced this several times, but i have known only 2 places, the house i was born in and this one in my 54 years here on earth. of course there was college but that is commonly a transient time in our lives.
we went to look at 2 places yesterday, all i can say is yuck!
last year when the recession started i began making two different pieces of fiber art to keep me busy and use odds and ends of fabric i had around.
one was my blossom dolls. i nicknamed them that because i thought of them as the 2009 depression dolls blossoming into a new future in 2010. once i keep reminding myself of this i can allow myself to embrace change as a good thing.
the other is my controlled chaos series of stitching. these pieces are with adam, my nephew now to be framed. both pieces of work are an on going process.
i hope one day to have the chaos more controlled and all our lives filled with blossoms.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

rose dress

thanks to rose from my who gave me the inspiration to make these dresses, they have become my best selling dress. i have them in several color ways and different sizes. they can also be bought at atomic garden in oakland, abc home in n.y., hazel in west virginia, and of course from me. please email me at to see what i have.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

dresses for sale

the amelie dress is now in the office. it is a wrap made of organic cotton for $165. i have all sizes along with some pieces that are not organic for a little less

Monday, March 22, 2010

my mom's birthday and house foreclosure

today is my mom's birthday. if she were here she would be 88. i sadly feel i can not express the joy and warmth she brought into our home all my life because i am feeling sad about having to deal with lawyers today. my house is being foreclosed after being here for almost 32 years. it helped me put my 2 daughters through college and start rebe. but being a small business in a struggling economy the banks have turned their backs on me. i was told i do not qualify for the making homes affordable act. i was not told why. they are willing to sell it for less than the mortgage but they are not willing to help me stay in it. i do not understand what it takes to play the game here. if any else does please advice.
i will continue rebe and will continue raising my last daughter at home and share in the joy of all of them as they are embracing adult hood. i will remind myself everyday how blessed i am to have had the wonderful mother, sister, brother and nephew and the father, daughters and nephew,niece and great niece i still have.
but i am sad and angry over our society.
please everyone who loves rebe apparel and accessories, please help pass along the website, the blogs, the shows. please help me keep it going. i want to keep creating and designing beautiful pieces for everyone to enjoy.

happy birthday mom.
i love you

Friday, March 19, 2010

California Mart

i set up today for the focus trade show that runs tomorrow through monday and i forgot my camera! the booth picture will just have to wait until tomorrow but this is the picture the buyers will see first when looking at my winter 2010 catalog.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

keeping busy

I am working on good luck necklaces and mobile parts.
The mobiles are featured in dwell magazine this month!

march 18, 2010

good morning
I am new to blogging so it might take me a bit to get it right.
today seems an appropriate day to start since it is 12 years ago i lost my sister.
nancy was an amazing person and i miss her terribly but i am so grateful i was able to share the years i had with her. 2 weeks ago i got to visit with her son my nephew, his wife and agnes su, their new baby. it was wonderful and i know that she would be so very pleased and proud of them.