Sunday, July 4, 2010

sewing and eating

or is it eating and sewing?! let's just talk about the sewing part since i might shame myself discussing the "stuff my face" part. i have been sorting my vintage fabric over the last year that i have collected for the last 10 years. this job requires me to cut the pieces first into pockets for the paula pocket, second into horses for the mobiles, then big and small birds for the mobiles and lastly with the little pieces circles for the covered buttons and good lucks. given i am in a hurry and wait mode for samples, production and individual orders i have been spending the time making good luck necklaces. it is also a good excuse to avoid house cleaning too. i now have several in stock so if anyone desires owning and wearing one i have them on sale if you contact me directly for $40

check out hillery's blog for the mobiles

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  1. I'm all for excuses to avoid house cleaning, and those are very good excuses! Hillery's booth at the show last week was lovely; you would have been very proud of her!