Friday, March 26, 2010


it is such a strange feeling to not know where you are going to live next. i know most people have experienced this several times, but i have known only 2 places, the house i was born in and this one in my 54 years here on earth. of course there was college but that is commonly a transient time in our lives.
we went to look at 2 places yesterday, all i can say is yuck!
last year when the recession started i began making two different pieces of fiber art to keep me busy and use odds and ends of fabric i had around.
one was my blossom dolls. i nicknamed them that because i thought of them as the 2009 depression dolls blossoming into a new future in 2010. once i keep reminding myself of this i can allow myself to embrace change as a good thing.
the other is my controlled chaos series of stitching. these pieces are with adam, my nephew now to be framed. both pieces of work are an on going process.
i hope one day to have the chaos more controlled and all our lives filled with blossoms.

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