Monday, March 22, 2010

my mom's birthday and house foreclosure

today is my mom's birthday. if she were here she would be 88. i sadly feel i can not express the joy and warmth she brought into our home all my life because i am feeling sad about having to deal with lawyers today. my house is being foreclosed after being here for almost 32 years. it helped me put my 2 daughters through college and start rebe. but being a small business in a struggling economy the banks have turned their backs on me. i was told i do not qualify for the making homes affordable act. i was not told why. they are willing to sell it for less than the mortgage but they are not willing to help me stay in it. i do not understand what it takes to play the game here. if any else does please advice.
i will continue rebe and will continue raising my last daughter at home and share in the joy of all of them as they are embracing adult hood. i will remind myself everyday how blessed i am to have had the wonderful mother, sister, brother and nephew and the father, daughters and nephew,niece and great niece i still have.
but i am sad and angry over our society.
please everyone who loves rebe apparel and accessories, please help pass along the website, the blogs, the shows. please help me keep it going. i want to keep creating and designing beautiful pieces for everyone to enjoy.

happy birthday mom.
i love you


  1. im sorry to read this--the middle class is gone--everyday lately i want to give up on my creations of jack blue handbags too. iv'e been to all the shows with you for many fun years and know how hard you work with all your wonderful textiles. we will rise above in the hard times--i will promote you as best i can==to all who reads--BUY HANDMADE !! or you will only have big box stores in the next few years.

    sorry for your loss--i think of you often!
    jack blue

  2. Hey, I hope all is well for you and your family now. It's been two years since your house was foreclosed. Did you get a lawyer to help you with the foreclosure? Anyhow, I hope your business is still up and that you are back on your feet again to continue living a happy life. :)

    Mike Clark

  3. I know it was really hard for you to let go of your house because you’ve had it for almost two decades. You’ve created a lot of wonderful and remarkable memories there for sure, and it;s sad that after all those years, you have no other choice but to let it go. Nevertheless, that’s life. It goes on. You just have to move on and start anew. :) How are you now?

    Amy Baron